Why 10EaZy?


Loud sound killS the fun..

Have you ever attended a live concert, a performance or a movie theatre and experienced excessive sound levels that took away the pleasure of the experience? 

Judging from negative feedback on websites a lot of people have. Excessive sound levels is usually not the act of bad will from the organiser, DJ or sound engineer. It may simply be a lack of awareness of the actual sound level produced and the potential nuisance that comes with it. 


..And the business too

In a world, where there is a vast amount of leisure activities to choose from, providers of sound reenforced events, be it concerts, night clubs, bars, amusement parks or cinema's, need to secure a high quality audio experience for their audience every night.

Bad sound equals loss of returning audience!

10EaZy offers you a very affordable quality assurance during and after any event. 



With the unambiguous and very intuitive display of sound levels that 10EaZy offers, the person controlling the sound level is kept well aware of the actual impact as well as offered information that guides and aids in creating a night to remember for the audience.