made by sound engineers for sound engineers

What is 10EaZy?

10EaZy is a sound level meter that takes away all the complexity of measurements, and offers a turn key solution that any person can use and understand, regardless of functional area and experience. 

10EaZy speaks the language of sound engineers and DJ's. With clear numeric values as well as an intuitive and innovative way of predicting the future sound level, 

10EaZy is  a unambiguous and highly intuitive user interface coupled with easy to use turn-key hardware for a complete measurement solution.


what is the benefit?

Regardless of their level of experience, 10EaZy helps the person in charge of the sound to reach a suitable sound level for the event.

This secures a fulfilling experience for the audience, while bringing attention to reducing excessive sound levels.

In the background 10EaZy is logging all key measurement values in compliance with the ANSI/IEC61672 standard, and thru e-mail and remote web-viewing options, 10EaZy offers management an easy insight into past and current events. 

For more than ten years, 10EaZy has set the standard for intuitive and reliable sound level measurements at festivals, concert halls, venues of all sizes, cinema's, house of worships, amusement parks as well as on tour with a number of world renowned artists.

In short, if there is a loudspeaker and a performance, 10EaZy is there to secure the audience experience and compliance with law. 


Why 10EaZy?


Loud sound killS the fun..

Have you ever attended a live concert, a performance or a movie theatre and experienced excessive sound levels that took away the pleasure of the experience? 

Judging from negative feedback on websites a lot of people have. Excessive sound levels is usually not the act of bad will from the organiser, DJ or sound engineer. It may simply be a lack of awareness of the actual sound level produced and the potential nuisance that comes with it. 


..And the business too

In a world, where there is a vast amount of leisure activities to choose from, providers of sound reenforced events, be it concerts, night clubs, bars, amusement parks or cinema's, need to secure a high quality audio experience for their audience every night.

Bad sound equals loss of returning audience!

10EaZy offers you a very affordable quality assurance during and after any event. 



With the unambiguous and very intuitive display of sound levels that 10EaZy offers, the person controlling the sound level is kept well aware of the actual impact as well as offered information that guides and aids in creating a night to remember for the audience. 


HOW does it work???

The 10Eazy hardware

10EaZy ships with dedicated hardware. Why?

To do reliable and accurate measurements on a PC, the software on your computer will need to understand the relationship between the sound pressure level at the microphone and the samples that is fed to the software.

This is often referred to as "the calibration"

The relationship needs to be known for the software to express a correct dB value. 

If you use a normal soundcard to do your measurements, you might change the input gain of the microphone either on the hardware or in the windows control audio panel. Doing so would change the calibrated relationship between input level at the microphone, and the samples fed to the software, creating wrong measurement results. 

To do reliable measurements without the need for constant re-calibration with expensive calibration tools, dedicated hardware is needed.

10EaZy is one of very few companies to offer exactly that.

the 10eazy software

10EaZy is programmed to refine features and secure that the user interface displays an unambiguously representation of past, current and predicted future dB values. 

We put a lot of efforts into innovating the user interface during the initial development in 2005 and 2006 and to date we still strive to improve it every day. We insist on never adding things to 10EaZy that does not create added value for a large group of our customers, and is intuitive to use.

Having pioneered intuitive sound level measurements for the entertainment industry more than 10 years ago, we take great pride in the fact that most competitors today rely heavily on the same user experience design, proving our concept.

10EaZy is programmed on a very stable platform, ensuring that your measurement never crashes in the middle of a show. 

Once setup, 10EaZy is capable of running fully automated without user interaction, making it ideal for fixed installs where there is no technical staff on duty every night.