10EaZy offers FREE upgrades of the software for existing customers. 

Download the latest version here, as well as related documentation. 

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10EaZy Version 2.8.1

The latest version of the 10EaZy Software. 

Software will run on any Windows PC, from Windows 7 to Windows 10

Download our IEC61672 compliance test results here




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10EaZy Demo

A fully working demo version for Windows 7 and above

Software will run for 30 minutes and use any microphone input you select.

Check out all the great features before you consider buying a 10EaZy system

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USER guide

Latest version of the user guide for the 10EaZy software. User guide is also included in the software install, but we put it here for your convenience. 

User guide in French

Download latest change log here

10EaZy is above and beyond anything we could have possibly expected. The 10EaZy system was everything it promised; painless to set up, intuitive to use, graphically friendly for the bands’ engineers, and accurate (we compared the results to a B&K meter we have calibrated annually for legal reasons).
It even emailed a complete report of the show minutes after its conclusion.
— Dan Braun General Manager, Sleep Country Amphitheater